FB-Picture-ClickforStoreDoggone Cream  is the best antifungal and healing cream for your Dog's Hotspots.  Your dog will not bite, lick or scratch the area where you have applied Doggone Cream .

Don’t put your dog through the frustration and stress of wearing an E-collar Cone when you can remove the itching and desire to lick all together with Doggone Cream .  A hot spot is a common canine skin condition that results in raw, warm, swollen patches of skin that occur rapidly and can get progressively worse if they are not properly treated. They are very itchy and painful which make your dog feel miserable and can result in hair loss, secondary infections and self trauma

Traditional treatments can take a long time to heal and do not always resolve the itching, so your dog continues to lick the lesions to relieve the pain, which only makes them worse.   The taste of Doggone Cream deters your dog from licking or biting itself. The ingredients provide much faster healing to the wound because of the anti septic, anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties.

We offer a “Bottom of the Jar, 100% Guarantee” on Doggone Cream !  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the jar (even Empty!) to us for a full refund.

We know you and your dog are just “itching” to try Doggone Cream so click on the Online Store Link to get a jar today for all of your Dog's Hotspots, dermatitis, skin infection and bacterial needs. Doggone Cream is available in 4 sizes, 1, 2, 4 and 16 ounce Jars.

Recent Testimonial
"I have successfully treated many cases of equine and canine dermatitis with this medication.   Not only does it treat the infection, it reduces inflammation and hence the itching associated with many of these cases.  Client satisfaction has been excellent"
N.J. Elder DVM

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